The Mysteries of the Rosary

Joyful Mysteries

(Monday & Saturday)

• The Annunciation of Gabriel to Mary
• The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth
• The Birth of Jesus
• The Presentation of Jesus
• The Finding of Jesus in the Temple

Luminous Mysteries


• The Baptism of Jesus
• The Wedding at Cana
• The Kingdom of God
• The Transfiguration
• The Last Supper

Sorrowful Mysteries

(Tuesday & Friday)

• The Agony in the Garden
• The Scourging at the Pillar
• The Crowning with Thorns
• The Carrying of the Cross
• The Crucifixion

Glorious Mysteries

(Wednesday & Sunday)

• The Resurrection
• The Ascension
• The Descent of the Holy Spirit
• The Assumption of Mary
• The Coronation of Mary

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